Keep Your Imagination on November 1st

My parents don’t dress up for Halloween but my Mom still holds a shield like Wonder Woman, and my Dad wears a cape 24/7. They used to dress up with my brothers and I for Halloween and let our imaginations run wild, and because of that, our imaginations run 365 days out of the year.

I saw a kid running around yesterday in an Army costume, I saw a girl dressed up as a nurse. I hope she still wants to be one on November 1st, after the decorations are pulled down, and the candy is all gone.

I’m convinced something scary happens on Halloween.

On October 31st, a kid somewhere is told that super powers aren’t real; and imaginations are packed away with Halloween decorations on the following day.

I remember the day I realized my costume didn’t actually change who I was.

I looked in the mirror and realized that the Goblin I dressed up as wasn’t staring me back in the face. It was me, with green face paint on, and green pointy ears. I wanted to take my costume off.

I dressed up as Georgie from the movie IT on Halloween when I was younger. . . Okay, no I didn't actually dress up as Georgie, I was a firefighter. But the below picture is shockingly close.

This year I thought about being It on November 1st. No, not Pennywise the Dancing Clown. But whatever it was that made me smile like this as a kid.

Whatever it was that kept my imagination going. Because you need it as an adult, just as much as you need it when you are a kid.

I'm convinced now more than ever, that Halloween isn't just about picking what it is that you want to be. Halloween is about having the courage to continue being It, on November 1st.


Punishment and Summer of Hell (Adjusting Entries)




"Oversharpen the blade, and the edge will soon blunt" 

 - Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu Chapter 9


Adjust Entry 1

Because we look for our passion we never find it. 


Adjust Entry 1a

Because we look for our passion we never find it. It lies beneath our feet.


Adjusting Entry 2

Because we seek more happiness, we look around at our current circumstances in despair. And waste the only moments we get.


The future is not promised, the past is gone. Every moment is new.

Adjusting Entry 3

Passion is defined as the clear destination and the unknown path


Adjusting Entry 3a

Passion is, the clear destination and the unknown road. 


Adjustinng Entry 3b

The entire path is not clear until we finish our walk


Adjusting Entry 3c

It is harder to drag your feet in fresh driven snow, than it is to walk a shoveled path. Your career path is hard because it is new. It is your own and has not been walked yet. The paradox is, the fact that your goal belongs to you is what makes it hard.


Adjusting Entry 4

I'm sorry to say, what you hate about your future career is what you will love about your career


Adjusting Entry4a

What kept me from sharing my music, is the same thing that pushed me to record it


Adjusting Entry 4b

Tao Te Ching Lao Tzu - Chapter 11

30 spokes share the wheels hub it is the center hole that makes it useful;

Shape clay into a vessel, it is the space within that makes it useful

Cut doors and windows for a room

It is the holes which make it useful;

Therefore profit comes from what is there

usefulness from what is not there  


Adjusting Entry 4b - Listen to this recording


Adjusting Entry 5 -  

i met my future wife last night

i wonder if she knows

i had a vision I'm gonna propose

shes been playing games

tic tac toe

in other words  

I've been tryna get X's and O's


Adjusting Entry 5a

in Tic Tac toe the letters x and o are needed in order to play the game. You need both someone to be x and someone to be o in order to play the game otherwise it would be over before you start. If the game is over before you start, there is no purpose in playing the game.


Adjusting Entry 5b

i wish the falcons lost yesterday, so my panthers could win. But the falcons could not have won if my panthers lost. So I guess you could say the Falcons didn't win on their own




My Aunt Joe used to give me punishment with a smile on her face. Two scoops of vanilla bean ice cream. She called it punishment because it was so good, it made you feel bad when you were finished. The word dessert just didn't make the cut. 


Every time we ran into my Aunts kitchen, we had a choice to make. We could have our vanilla ice cream and feel bad when we finished, or we could be silly enough to say no to her and watch as the entire family scraped their bowls clean. I think we follow our passions the same way, because we know we love ice cream, but now we have to pay for it. 


That was way over 10 years ago. But she pretty much hit the nail on the head in describing how the 23 year old me feels right now.  


My Aunt taught me indirectly, that finding your path in life is a lot like punishment. It's bittersweet because it's not uncommon to have mixed feelings about doing what we know we want to do. The only real punishment is in watching everyone else scrape their bowls clean. Whether it's writing, teaching, or giving in and having dessert. The only solution is to plunge into uncertainty, because not jumping, always hurts more.


 One thing is for sure, ice cream melts. And deciding not to have it always feels worse than finishing the last scoop. That is why I decided to start a blog, because the feeling of not writing, to me, was always worse than running out of things to say.